Spring 2019 CGE Meeting Schedule

Select Thursdays at 4:00 PM in 1-125 CCRB

Sept. 12 -     Laurie Parker Lab

Sept. 26 -     Anne Hall - Technology Portfolio Manager, OTC

Oct. 10 -     Feng Zhang Lab

Oct. 31 -     Paul Orchard

Nov. 14 -     Chris Faulk lab

Dec. 12 -      Beau Webber lab


About the CGE Meetings:

  • Either the PI or a student/staff person of choice may present
  • Kit Leffler will contact all PIs the week before their presentation date for the speakername and title of talk. This information will be distributed via CGE newsletter.
  • If it is your group’s week to present, please arrive to 1-125 CCRB five minutes early with a flash drive in order to set up.
  • Presentations range from 30-45 minutes with a 5-minute Q&A in conclusion
  • Pizza and refreshments (beer/soda) provided at the start of the meeting to all attendees.


Genome Writer's Guild 2019 Conference